More Than Great Coffee

Coming in 2020

We Believe In Coffee That Tastes Incredible

Our job is this: to deliver our faithful customers a near perfect cup of coffee. Highlighting the process from farm to cup. Our excellent customer service, people, and atmosphere is on the house!

From Farm

Shedding light on the families that cultivate our coffees and ensuring beyond fair trade.

To Roast

Bringing coffee to life with integrity; roasting to highlight regions & profiles you are sure to love.

To Cup

Equipping a passionate, people-loving team with the necessary skills to perfect your daily brew.

We Believe We Are Called To Make A Difference

Coffee Bean

Greater Chattanooga

Great coffee may get us into a cafe, but great people keep us coming back! Our community is filled with individuals and teams that are making a huge difference in Greater Chattanooga. Lives are being changed because of their hard work! We joyfully give 100% of our profits to join their efforts.



2916 Silverdale Road Chattanooga, Tennessee 37421